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Haute Dokimazo is an intimate, friendly, welcoming, energetic gathering like nothing you've ever experienced as an event industry professional. There are no keynotes, no breakout sessions, no lanyards, and no expo. In-person, HD is just $200 and includes all the food we can fit. Remote, we run our marketing/event professional HDs for free. 


Why are there no session topics listed? We crowdsource the topics on-site that YOU want to talk about or share, then we match up the subject matter experts with those seeking to learn, and create an agenda on the fly.




At a normal HD event, sessions are an hour long with time in between for networking and continuing conversations. At a remote HD, participants will experience a shortened 30 minute session to make connections and begin conversations.

To close out the event, an HD event ends with a group retrospective. This involves our Plus/Delta or Roses & Thorns opportunity. 

Participants are invited to share their Plus or Rose and publicly tell everyone everything they LOVED about the experience. Then, participants are invited to share their Delta or Thorn to tell everyone how we can improve next time. Open and transparent is the only way to make things better next time, and we adore real-time feedback!



Just 100 event & experiential marketers (50 brands, 50 suppliers) from all industries will be invited to share ideas and best practices. We ask you to apply for an invitation so we can ensure an even ratio of planners and suppliers. 


"I had no idea what to expect from HD, and the experience blew me away. Other industry events feel stale and a bit sterile; it can be hard to meet knew people and have quality conversations. This was an incredibly refreshing experience where everyone felt like they were personally invested in making it a great conversation and truly getting to know one another."

"Comfortable. Comfortable in the best sense of the word - where everyone seemed at ease to freely discuss, share, connect, and learn. Comfort in knowing you can be free to silently listen without pressure or participate without fear. Wish all conferences and events were as comfortable as HD was."

"You guys put the experience in experiential."

"I pay thousands of dollars going to other events where I get a fraction of the value sitting there listening to a keynote speaker talk about themselves or their product. FINALLY - an engaging opportunity to share ideas in a safe, intimate and FUN environment. This is going to change the event industry forever and I love that I am a part of it!"

"This event is the gold standard. I can only describe it as like sleeping with George Clooney. Where do you from there?"