It's happening again!

November 2021

It all began in San Diego in 2017. It was at the end-of-the-event peer retrospective when we were told that coming to a Haute Dokimazo made people feel like family. Every family needs a family reunion, right? Nicole had always wanted to create a secret trip where people didn't know the destination, so we took those two ideas and mushed them together.


In November 2019, we chartered a plane to a secret international location and told 80 marketing and event professionals to pack for 5 days, 65 degrees, and bring a passport and meet us at JFK. We then revealed that we were going to..... TUSCANY for a 5-day Haute Dokimazo.


But for real... why'd we do it?


Two reasons:

  1. Because we wanted to

  2. Because no one else was going to.


Events have gotten ever-more-complicated and sophisticated, with everyone one-upping everyone else. So we wanted to strip it back down to the basics: people, places, connections, memories.


From the business side, we charged just enough to break even ($2500-3500, depending on the accommodation level you chose), and we found a sponsor to help us cover the rest of the cost of the private chartered plane (thanks, SwagHub!).


What did the participants get? So far, just 7 months after the event, they have shared over $2m in business with each other. They formed professional and personal bonds that live on inside a Whatsapp group, on Facebook, and yes in real life. These Hauties have traveled to hospitals to visit each other after surgery, had meetups when passing through their towns, formed business partnerships together, helped each other find jobs, and genuinely made life-long friends.

True friends that do business together.


But we didn't create Secret Family Reunion to be a new event that just becomes the same thing every other year. Now we have to reimagine it COMPLETELY.


Maybe it's not a plane... maybe it's a train?


Maybe the location isn't the secret part next time?


The possibilities are endless, and we're actively working on the 2021 event. In fact, maybe it's not one trip for 80 people, maybe its 3 trips for 40 people? Who knows!


Currently accepting strategic partnerships for 2021's Secret Family Reunion

Watch the SFR 2019 Documentary!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my venue/destination considered for November 2021?

We are currently exploring locations all across the world, and are open to locations that can host 40 to 85 participants. With the large gathering limitations constantly in flux, we are very open to exploring many different opportunities and unique locations. If we're going to charter a plane, we prefer to be within 10 hours of California, Miami, or New York by air. If we will be using other means to get to your location, we can discuss other options! (For example, if you want to bring us to the Maldives and have connections with business class airfare at reasonable prices, we're open to it!). Reach out to to offer your location. 

How do I get considered to become an attendee?

Make sure you sign up for The Haute List to be notified when applications open up! 

When does the trip(s) go on sale?

January 2021!

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