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We've chartered a private 737 plane and are filling it with 80 business and marketing professionals who have no idea where we are going! Once we arrive at our destination, participants will be immersed in solving real business problems via participant-driven exercises and think tanks


Don't worry, we've built in a TON of fun things and surprises along the way.



WHEN: November 2-7,2019

WHERE: Secret Location

Arrive at TWA Hotel at 2 pm on Nov 2. We will leave JFK around 4:20 pm and return to JFK around 6:45 pm on Nov 7, 2019...there will be time each day built in for working time!

You can book a room at TWA Hotel the nights of Nov 1 and Nov 7 if you're traveling from the West Coast!


So why is this trip so EPIC you ask? Well,  we thought it would be good to hear from your fellow industry peers, check it out! 

Questions? Check out the FAQs below for more.

Do I have to qualify to attend Secret Family Reunion?

Not anymore! Because of the amazingly diverse audience that has signed up so far and the over 40% CEOs, CMOs, and executive-level people that have signed up, we're opening this up to more brilliant business minds!

There will be a MANDATORY virtual HD indoctrination mid-Oct for those that have never been to an HD event before so that you know what to expect and get to know us before we meet you in person! 

How does this work?

Because it will be OH-SO-fun to surprise you, we are keeping the destination a complete secret until the night we leave! You will need to arrive at JFK in NY on Nov 2, we will let you know the exact time and address soon. Once you register, we'll tell you what climate to pack for and anything special you need to bring. We will reveal the location of our Family Reunion in a themed party on Nov 2 before we board our private chartered plane for the trip of a lifetime!

How much is it?

**All prices include EVERYTHING: chartered flight from JFK, accommodations, all food, activities, secret surprises, and more. 


$2,500 - For the relative that still misses living with their college roommate. 

Individual sleeping room and shared common area-to include shared bath facility- with one other attendee.

*Room grouping requests available.

$3,000 - For the relative that wants a little more privacy.

Individual sleeping room and your very own bath facility with a shared common area!

Imagine one of the 5 million hotel rooms you've stayed in- that's similar to this setup...but this view is incredible! 

$3,500 - For the relative that likes total luxury. 

Premium accommodations including individual sleeping room and your very own fancier bath facility with a shared common area.   ​


**All price levels are eligible to upgrade to a business class seat for an extra $500 - limited to 30**

Will I need a passport?

Yes. We will handle the logistics of this for you...but if you are banned from any country, please let us know. And tell us the story of how that happened, we're nosy. 

When is the trip?

November 2-7, 2019. But you'll want to reserve your seat ASAP, we only have a handful of spots left.


Arrive at TWA Hotel at 2 pm on Nov 2 for our epic reveal party. We will leave JFK a few hours later and return to JFK around 8:45pm on Nov 7, 2019! Book your room at TWA on Nov 1 and Nov 7 if you are coming from the West Coast, that link will be e-mailed to you after registration.

This is a long time to be gone, is there work time scheduled into the trip?

Absolutely! We know you're busy and still need to stay connected so we've built in at least 2 hours each day for you to catch up on work. We will be leaving the evening of Nov 2. We will arrive back at JFK on Nov 7th.


When should I sign up?

Um, now:)