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It really happened.

We chartered a private 737 and took 80 business and marketing professionals to a surprise location. They had no idea where they were going when they got to the airport...


We threw an epic reveal party announcing that we were taking them to TUSCANY, where family is life. We immersed them in solving real business problems via participant-driven exercises and think tanks.

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Why did we do this? People tell us that when they leave an HD Signature event, they feel like family. And every family needs a family reunion... and what's a family reunion without some fun surprises? So we created Haute Dokimazo Secret Family Reunion. In November 2019, we took 80 event and marketing professionals on a chartered plane to a secret international location. They met us at the TWA Hotel at JFK airport and we whisked them away for a week-long Signature event in Tuscany!

Why did we create this experience? Because we believe that events are broken. We believe that humans are more digitally connected and humanly disconnected than ever before, and our industry perpetuates that by driving attendees into a listen-only mode and forcing them onto their phones throughout the event.


We wanted to show the world that you could get business professionals to disconnect for a few days, make genuine human connections with perfect strangers, and solve business problems together.


We never imagined how successful this experiment would be!


The new family bond that was created has spawned reunions, business outings, and millions of dollars in business opportunities between family members.


Stay tuned to see how we'll change everything next time!

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