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It really happened.

We chartered a private 737 and took 80 business and marketing professionals to a surprise location. They had no idea where they were going when they got to the airport...


We threw an epic reveal party announcing that we were taking them to TUSCANY, where family is life. We immersed them in solving real business problems via participant-driven exercises and think tanks.

Watch the SFR 2019 Documentary!

Why did we do this?

It all began in San Diego in 2017. It was at the end-of-the-event peer retrospective when we were told that coming to a Haute Dokimazo made people feel like family. Every family needs a family reunion, right? Nicole had always wanted to create a secret trip where people didn't know the destination, so we took those two ideas and mushed them together.

In November 2019, we chartered a plane to a secret international location and told 80 marketing and event professionals to pack for 5 days, 65 degrees, and bring a passport and meet us at JFK. We then revealed that we were going to..... TUSCANY for a 5-day Haute Dokimazo.


But for real... why'd we do it?


Two reasons:

  1. Because we wanted to.

  2. Because no one else was going to.


Events have gotten ever-more-complicated and sophisticated, with everyone one-upping everyone else. So we wanted to strip it back down to the basics: people, places, connections, memories.


From the business side, we charged just enough to break even ($2500-3500, depending on the accommodation level you chose), and we found a sponsor to help us cover the rest of the cost of the private chartered plane (thanks, SwagHub!).


What did the participants get? So far, just 13 months after the event, they have shared over $5m in business with each other. They formed professional and personal bonds that continue today inside a Whatsapp group, on Facebook, and yes in real life. These Hauties have traveled to hospitals to visit each other after surgery, had meetups when passing through their towns, formed business partnerships together, helped each other find jobs, and genuinely made life-long friends.

True friends that do business together.


But we didn't create Secret Family Reunion to be a new event that just becomes the same thing every other year. Now we have to reimagine it COMPLETELY. So this time we decided that...


... maybe the location isn't the secret part?


That's right, the Haute Dokimazo team is thrilled to announce a partnership with Atlantis, Bahamas, to be our host location for the 2021 Secret Family Refresh. 


Learn all about it!

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