Guest article by Tom Spano, CEO of Haute Spot in Cedar Park, Texas

The rumors are true. Concerts are coming back. But before we get started, here’s a handy guide on how I think things in the live music industry should go.


RULE #1: No guest list.

Everyone in the live music industry has been out of work for 13 months and we all need your support now more than ever. Buy the ticket! Support the artists and the venues!


RULE #2: Support local.

Before you buy that high priced ticket to see that big name artist at that big corporate venue, consider putting that money back into your own community as we ease back into real life. This is the best way to ensure that a thriving arts & culture scene will return to cities across America.


RULE #3: Wear a damn mask.

If you’re going to a show, don the mask.

Vaccinated? Already had it? Don’t care.

We only get one shot at restarting this machine. Please don’t be the one that messes it all up.


RULE #4: We are not babysitters.

We get it. Social distancing sucks. Masks suck. You’re tired of washing your hands. After more than a year of isolation, all you wanna do is lean in close and hug friends and strangers alike.

But it’s been 13 months. You know the rules by now β€” please follow them.


RULE #5: No free drinks.

Don’t ask. Venues have been shutdown for 13 months waiting for this moment. Support them!



RULE #6: Tip your bartender.

20% is ok. 25% is better. More than 25% is best.


RULE #7: Support the scene.

Can’t make the show? No problem. It costs $0.00 to support us in other ways: Share the posts. Listen to the music. Invite your friends to the event page. In order for this to work, we need all hands on deck!


RULE #8: Be kind.

Look β€” it’s been awhile. We’re gonna be a little rusty. Plus, so much of what needs to happen in order to bring back live music safely is new for all of us β€” fans, venues, promoters and artists alike.

There will be hiccups. There will be lines. There will be unforeseen circumstances. Be nice anyway.


RULE #9: Go to the merch table.

Support the artists.

Buy the t-shirt.


RULE #10: Have fun.

You’ve been waiting for this moment for more than a year β€” so enjoy the hell out of it!!

Come out early. Stay out late.

Dance. Laugh. Make a new friend. Discover a new band.

🎡 🎢🎡 🎢🎡 🎢🎡 🎢🎡 🎢🎡 🎢🎡 🎢🎡 🎢🎡 🎢🎡 🎢🎡 🎢

This article was written by Tom Spano, CEO of Haute Spot in Cedar Park, Texas. Haute Spot is a concert and event venue that weathered the global pandemic by renovating, upgrading, and reimagining what it means to enjoy live music in Central Texas. Follow us on Facebook at Haute Spot Venue and join us at an upcoming concert and contact us to book your private event at this incredible indoor/outdoor event facility just north of Austin, Texas.

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