My love letter to Zoom

As Valentine's Day approaches and we order chocolates for our loved ones, I have to give a big smushy kiss on the lips to the love of my life right now... The one I spend more time with than anyone else... The one that has become an extension of me... The one, the only: Zoom meetings.

All day, every day, I meet, laugh, talk, cry, pitch, brainstorm, daydream, and travel through this magic portal called my screen. What used to be a boundary during initial lockdowns quickly became a portal. A portal to literally ANYWHERE.

In 2020, through the magic and mystery of Zoom, we traveled to 28 countries, made hundreds of new friends, experienced adventures that we could not (or would not) have dared to partake in as real 3D humans.

We went skydiving - live on Zoom.

We kissed the Blarney Stone - live on Zoom.

We went diving with nurse sharks - live on Zoom.

We kissed a giraffe - live on Zoom.

We drank whiskey at the top of a mountain in Patagonia - live on Zoom.

We bathed an elephant in Thailand - live on Zoom.

We rode a horse - live on Zoom.

We drove through Old Town Phuket on a moped - live on Zoom.

We hugged a camel - live on Zoom.

We walked on the rooftops of Turkey's Grand Bazaar - live on Zoom.

We made pasta in Tuscany - live on Zoom.

We roasted coffee in Costa Rica - live on Zoom.

We learned to surf - live on Zoom.

We rode a bicycle through Amsterdam - live on Zoom.

The list could literally go on for days. All during a pandemic, and all from our home office, and ALL ON ZOOM meetings.

Beyond adventures, we've brainstormed and strategic planned and networked and played games and made drinks and cooked with celebrity chefs... All live on Zoom.

Beyond work, we've cried over the loss of a loved one. We've commiserated over being bored with life. We've coached others who needed some advice. We've laughed over ridiculous new filters. We've had a blast with virtual backgrounds. We've met new people in breakout rooms who have become great friends.

Emotions are a big part of why Zoom has been such a successful tool for us. We evoke them, we share them, we amplify them. If you are feeling "Zoom fatigue," I'll bet money that it's because you're not experiencing or sharing emotions with your fellow Zoomers.

So thank you Zoomies for making something so amazing and changing our world for the better.

Now our next steps are studying how we connect those contagious emotions evoked during shared experiences to the generation of pipeline and deal acceleration. We're doing that through our 2021 Convo program.

Join the Convo

Haute Dokimazo is embarking on a year-long research study to connect emotions evoked during a shared experience and their impact on pipeline and revenue generation. If you are a leader of a sales or marketing organization at a commercial or enterprise company, apply to be part of the program. Applications are being accepted for one more week.

If you are interested in being a program partner and gaining access to the research results, strategy sessions, and program insights, reach out to me at

In 2022, we hope to share our findings of 1) how much shared experiences impact pipeline and revenue generation, 2) which emotions need to be ignited/evoked to drive those results, and, 3) that profitable relationships are sparked by genuine connection created in this type of environment.

If you are a leader of a sales or marketing organization, apply to be part of the program!

Liz Lathan, CMP is co-founder and CEO of Haute Dokimazo, sparking profitable relationships anchored in genuine connection through rousing shared experiences and conversations. Explore the #HugLife community for event professionals and Convo, a new year-long program for marketing and sales executives. Subscribe to our Journal of Human-Centric Marketing to get weekly content.

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