How to NOT SUCK at Prospecting: Hustlers edition

So, you're a hustler, yes? Then this is written directly to you. You don't blame a bad quarter on crappy leads, so you're not about to blame your lack of prospecting on coronavirus! Get out there and hustle.

Disclaimer: your bag of old approaches. I hope we don't even have to talk about how hustlers never use a script or pretty much anything generic.

You're going to have to work for new prospects, slow and low, just like marinating and cooking ribs.

First, remember, prospecting is getting people to like you enough to let you ask smart questions and then provide value based on their answers.

Hustlers during Corona never think or say, “We can’t do anything right now."

This is the opposite of the truth...unless you suck with people. And if you do, I hope this article gives you some hope.

Hustlers are social humans.

You should be following your prospects on LinkedIn and commenting on the things that you actually think are awesome or interesting - not on everything they post. People like you engaging and appreciating their minds and, generally, people post what they are currently thinking or interested in.

Speaking of social, hustlers push out content that teaches people something or lets people know your opinion. So don't be boring - talk about topics from a different perspective and try to empower them with what is possible. Instead of going through the front door like the masses, make a bigger entrance by landing in their backyard in a helicopter full of puppies. I promise you they'll remember you standing out!

A quick pulse check would be asking yourself if YOU want to read any of the content you're putting out? Are you writing articles on LinkedIn that tell people what you think or offer helpful advice? Humanize your human (so they want to read your content). Give them something to relate to! Share photos of you working from home in your pajama pants, how you’re getting things done in a crowded house, your latest Netflix binge. Showing your personality will make you a mini-celebrity in their feed.

Hustlers are inclusive, not intrusive.

You're a human and therefore, could do something that another human might find interesting. Tell people how you are doing or let them into your life like you want to be let in theirs.

Here are some shotgun ideas that are sure to be appreciated:

  •  Ask if there's anyone you can introduce them to right now. You know a ton of people, open your black book and use it for their good!

  • If they have kids and you find out they're stressed with homeschooling, offer to help with 1-2 of their kids' school questions. Whoever offers to help relieve my homeschooling title would get my attention- and money! This one requires you have some sort of established relationship with each other so you're not seen as creepy!

  • Ask them what charity you could donate an hour of your time on behalf of them. Then do it.

  • Do you know what's better than sending them an explanation video? The bloopers of you trying to record one yourself.

Here's a template for sending COVID-19's best prospecting e-mail ever:

Subject line: (Name), this might make you laugh...

Hi (name),

In the universal spirit of embracing and trying new things, I attempted to make a video on how I/company can ______. Although I still think you would find that video valuable, I think you might like this one better: my bloopers.

After you're done laughing and sending this to your friends so they can join in the laughter around "the funniest sales e-mail you've ever received," I am hoping this video has done one of the following for you:

  1. It made you laugh harder than you have in the last 8 weeks in quarantine.

  2. This has reminded you that our struggles may not be the exact same right now, but humor is a universal stress-reliever, a good laugh is medicine that works for all and that there is power in transparency as we try new things - some of which end up being funny.

  3. It made you see that there is a real human on the other side of these e-mails with 3 kids, a dog that sleeps 18 hrs a day and a cat named Michael Bolton (that is definitely a story you have to hear over the phone).

If you've got this far and are the slightest bit entertained (or maybe you're wondering where the actual video of how to ____ is), then just imagine what a phone call would be like! I have two times available this week to chat:

  1. Day/time for a walk around the block (not only am I a good multitasker while walking and talking, but I am also old school and like regular phone calls, too like in the olden days 3 months ago).

  2. Lunchtime (my specialty is peanut butter and jelly but I am open to being challenged).

Which one do you like more?

(Your signature)

The end.

And just remember, prospecting only sucks if you do. :) Stay healthy and hustle.