Haute Dokimazo Presents: Barefoot Business

I'll admit it... I haven't worn real shoes in a while... now that I'm fully vaccinated, I'm getting out and about again and I find that wearing shoes is not as fun as it used to be! So Nicole and I have decided that we will invent a new category of business events. Introducing: Barefoot Business! What started out as a joke about never wanting to wear shoes (or pants) again, actually turned out to be a really great business event construct that I think we can all get behind and that we've built our upcoming July event around.

Part metaphor, part literal, Barefoot Business has double meanings all along it's sandy shores. And barefoot business, though initially ideated near the ocean, doesn't have to mean it takes place on a beach. It's a mindset. While #HugLife is a way of forming deeper business relationships that become friendships, Barefoot Business is a way of conducting business and crafting business environments in a way that foster that relationship-building process. You can experience this in person at our upcoming Haute Dokimazo Secret Family Refresh, July 27-30 at Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas, where every part of the experience has been crafted to meet each of the points below.

So without further ado, I present: Barefoot Business.

Walls down. We create a walls-down atmosphere. We purposefully choose spaces where there may not even be walls!

Raw conversations: Our conversations are stripped down bare. In fact, we might have our shoes off and toes in the sand!

Inspiration: We choose locations that allow us to feel the magic of nature around us. We allow the analog world to feed our creativity.

Space for change: We seek out non-traditional spaces for transformational conversations. We think outside the ballroom!

New perspectives: We seek to understand how things work that others might take for granted or accept as is. We love behind the scenes or secret access or off-the-record conversations to gain new perspectives!

Build trust. We believe that creating deep and trusting relationships transcends business and garners deeper connections with fewer boundaries.

Create believers. If you thought all business gatherings had to be formal, scripted, and perfectly-produced, we'll sway to you a more casual way. Let your hair down (or put your hair up... it's hot out there!) and focus on the challenges and solutions that you can solve or need solved.

Join us for Haute Dokimazo Secret Family Refresh at Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas July 27-30 to test our Barefoot Business construct, make new connections, rekindle old ones, and refresh your mind, body, and spirit as you gear up for the second half of 2021!

Wanna know a little more about this crazy secret trip?

In November 2019, we invited 80 experiential marketers to meet us at JFK with a passport and packed for 6 days. We then revealed that we had chartered a plane to TUSCANY for a 6-day experiential Spontaneous Think Tank. In 2020, we were supposed to be out site visiting for our 2021 secret trip, but... plans changed. That's when our travel show Unrestricted Hauteness was born! We site visited more than 28 locations around the world live through Zoom to select our next secret destination.

But as 2021 is a transitional year to bring people back together in a safe way, we thought it made sense to partner with someone close to home whose safety record was well documented and the spaces are primarily outdoors. We selected Atlantis to be our home for this year's safe, serendipitous connection point.

To ensure everyone feels comfortable with the trip, we decided to let you choose your own mode of transportation to get there, and we'll pick you up at the airport and manage the experience on the ground. We're keeping the agenda a secret - party because we don't know what it will be (the content is a Spontaneous Think Tank, meaning that we will crowdsource the session topics with you while you are there!) and partly because it's more fun that way! Let's be real: the agenda isn't why you're coming anyway!

We are turning every conference agenda you've ever known on it's head. You will get access to behind-the-scenes things that Atlantis has never shown anyone before. And the registration fee covers everything you'll need while you're there: ground transportation, accommodations (including taxes, gratuities and resort fee), all meals and beverages, conference activities, excursions, gifts, rest, relaxation, and renewal! You just buy the plane ticket! At Haute Dokimazo, we create and foster deep and trusting relationships. So now you have a decision to make: Will you take a leap of faith and join us?

Liz Lathan, CMP is co-founder of Haute Dokimazo, sparking profitable relationships anchored in genuine connection through rousing shared experiences and conversations. Explore the #HugLife community for event professionals and Convo, a program for marketing and sales executives.

Haute Dokimazo is part of Haute Companies, a family of companies that believe in human connection, from events to media (podcasts, videos, and more) to direct mail to swag to entertainment talent management to strategy session facilitation.

Contact Liz at to inquire about Secret Family Refresh or how Haute can help you create programs that foster deep and trusting relationships with your customers and workforce.