Business is personal

Business has never been more personal. For a year now, we've been inside of each other's homes, seeing kids, pets, and sometimes even messy kitchens through a screen. Through our Unrestricted Hauteness programs and our virtual adventures for clients, we found incredible hidden gems all around the world, eager to help us transform what meetings and events become in a post-COVID world. Our trips this week have cemented the fact that personal relationships can be built virtually and genuine connection can be happen virtually. And when we got to meet all of the people we've been working with for the last eight months in person ... Wow.

While this was initially a business trip to site visit for a program in November, revolutionary opportunities (to be revealed soon) unfolded during this trip. Because of relationships formed virtually, we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we received special treatment, additional experiences, way more hugs, and infinitely more care than anyone else would have thanks to the power of the Haute Dokimazo methodology.

The Haute way is built on care, co-creation, collaboration, conversation, and connection. Throughout this entire trip, it was ever-present that our experience was put together by friends who wanted to show and invite us into the best of their country.

This is how business should be.

This is how business *will* be for us, always.

The programs and partnerships we are building based on this trip are going to be mind-blowing and full of world's firsts. Us coming on these trips allowed us to confirm the possibility and now we get to turn those into reality. We also experienced first-hand the COVID protocols, vaccination safety, PCR testing, what "safe" feels like, what makes us uncomfortable, and that will shape the upcoming programs we're building for clients.

The Haute Life isn't about luxury, or paying exorbitant fees to have a high-end experience. It's about partnerships founded in friendships, and co-creating shared experiences that form genuine connections that transcend business. We don't create this magic, it's all around us. We are experts in recognizing and harnessing its power.

This trip has been magical for our business, our future client programs, our hearts, and our souls. We look forward to showcasing this in our upcoming work and programs.

We struggle with sharing our incredible adventures on social media. Anyone who has travel as part of their business life knows that you spend 8 hour working and 6 hours playing, but it's only the "playing" photos that you share online. Watching our work trip must seem like we didn't work at all! I doubt anyone wants to see pictures of people talking, sticky noting, or doing video shoots and interviews. But lest you get the wrong impression, here are a few pics of us working, and my Zoom backpack to represent some of the incredible places we got to work this week.

Total tally: 7 executive meetings, 24 pages of notes and ideas, 4 new client programs created, 8 property site visits completed, 30 hours of professional video captured, COVID in-person event protocols tested and evaluated.... Oh and we had a little fun, too.

Being able to do something you were designed to do is what most people dream about and never attain. We are grateful to have the opportunity to show you that it's possible, and that you can do it, too. Having these experiences and connections is what fuels our other Haute businesses being able to offer impactful and innovative programs to our clients first, and attracts people to us to help connect them and solve their problems. The Haute Life is attainable and impactful and we're thrilled to bring you with us.

Liz Lathan, CMP is co-founder and CEO of Haute Dokimazo, sparking profitable relationships anchored in genuine connection through rousing shared experiences and conversations. Explore the #HugLife community for event professionals and Convo, a new year-long program for marketing and sales executives. Subscribe to our Journal of Human-Centric Marketing to get weekly content.

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