An idea out of the blue

It all started with Nutanix in mid-2020. The field marketing team wanted to create the world's most epic virtual experience for their prospects and customers. It needed to loosely tie to thematic messaging, but not contain any business content - they wanted something fun they could invite families to, but not make them cook or do work. They wanted customers to have an experience that would make them want to go deeper with a sales rep. Be willing to go on a deep dive, if you will... In that moment, a spark kindled something magical.

Nicole began to research the world of underwater business. She found Naladhu Private Island in the Maldives that was closed to the public during COVID and willing to work with us while they were in quarantine... the island is within 30 minutes of a shiver of nurse sharks (fun fact: a group of sharks is called a shiver!) with mind-blowing connectivity even out in the ocean. She found an underwater military-grade diving mask that allowed divers to communicate with the surface while they were deep in the ocean. She found an underwater drone that could send a live video feed back to the boat. She, along with the team at Naladhu Private Island and the Haute Rock Creative media team, created the technology that allowed us to produce the world's first open water shark dive live on Zoom.

Through the connections she made on this journey, Nicole was introduced to a nonprofit organization called Fins Attached, where she met Alex Antoniou (Founder) and Mauricio Hoyos (Chief Scientist and a regular guest on the Discovery Channel's Shark Week). Fins Attached is dedicated to conducting research, promoting conservation, and providing education for the protection of the marine ecosystem. They partnered with us to offer color commentary on the sharks we met during our Nutanix shark dive.

Open for Business

On September 25, 2020, Haute Dokimazo, Haute Rock Creative, Nutanix, and Naladhu Private Island declared the ocean "open for business." Check out some of the fun we had making this happen:

Since then, we have completed three Maldivian virtual shark diving adventures for clients and we even got to fly out to Naladhu and swim with them in person!

In February, we completed our first Pacific ocean research vessel shark adventure where we learned more about the migratory patterns of sharks and how they impact global eco-conservation efforts, and are about to embark on three more for a client next week! Here's a highlight reel of that epic virtual adventure from our Convo program.

And then we met up with our friends at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas to prepare for our upcoming Secret Family Refresh in July, as well as our July Convo program focusing on healthy ecosystems and how we can work in harmony with marine life for a better future.

Yes, indeed, the ocean is open for business!

We Dokimazo'd Corporate Social Responsibility

Rather than making a donation or looking for teambuilding opportunities where participants make something, what if giving back was an inherent part of your program?

When we create programs with Fins Attached, we are hiring them to provide their expertise and take us along on their research excursions, but we're also helping them to advance their mission of education by getting their message in front of new audiences. The funding we use to have them help create our program goes directly to their organization to support existing research excursions and support things like wifi on the boat so they can advance their mission even further by creating outreach programs to educational institutions using our monetary support.

When we partner with the Atlantis in the Bahamas, we are supporting the Atlantis Blue Project Foundation, which fosters the preservation and conservation of coral reefs, sea turtles, sharks, manatees, and cetaceans, along with their Bahamian ecosystems, through scientific research, education, and community outreach. This isn't simply a donation to a nonprofit, this is a gift of a virtual adventure to participants while integrating the monetary contribution into the entire experience. This is an entirely new way of thinking about Conscious Capitalism.

It's What Connects Us All

So yeah, we watched Seaspiracy on Netflix, and yes Earth Day just around the corner, and did a great write-up that we'll share here:

For many people, the primary service that the ocean provides is a nice beach vacation for families and friends to “get away from it all” and spend some time relaxing on the sand or swimming in the waves. In reality, oceans serve many other purposes as well. Oceans cover 75 percent of the earth’s surface and houses between 50 and 80 percent of all life on earth. More than a third of the world’s population relies on marine biodiversity for their income and marine industries make up 5 percent of the world’s total GDP. Most importantly, the ocean serves as a huge carbon sink and absorb around 25 percent of carbon dioxide generated by human activities. Clearly, any decline in ocean size or health would have a huge adverse effect on the world in several areas but only one percent of our world’s ocean is currently protected.

But the truth is, we have never felt more connected to our oceans than through the people we've met along our journey this past year. Even when we were in Dubai, the sustainability efforts and highlights on the "Sea of Consumption" at Expo 2020 have drawn us to these efforts and led us to create even more opportunities for virtual experiences that take clients under the ocean and open the conversation in a non-threatening, adventureful way.

In addition to our regular work with this incredible organization, this week we are honored to be sponsoring a student from Costa Rica to join the Fins Attached youth expedition to create more stewards of the ocean and engage the world's youth in the scientific efforts around ocean conservation.

Virtual Adventures to Consider for Your Customers or Team

Our team in the Maldives has created an extreme water sports virtual adventure to put the "OH!!!" in Ocean - including flyboarding, kiteboarding, and some underwater seascape magic.

Our Fins Attached team can work with us on their upcoming expeditions for more shark dive adventures or to explore the wonder of sea turtles nesting off the Pacific coast of Costa Rica.

Our Atlantis team is ready to put some personality into your program with a dolphin and sea lion encounter and share the story of how these rescued sea creatures came to be residents of the marine mammal center.

And those are just the adventures we have ready to go - we love finding new partners and crafting new ideas for epic adventures, virtually or in-person!

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