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I believe in genuinely caring because we rise by lifting others.

I believe collaboration yields the most impactful results. 

I believe co-creation requires co-involvement, diversity, and shared tasks.

I believe conversation brings education and enlightenment. 

I believe connection is fundamental to humanity.


I am a 





Liz believes there's nothing more valuable in an ever-more-disconnected world than engaging people face-to-face for collaboration, ideation, and experimentation to make us better professionals - and that's okay if face-to-face has to mean on screen for now! Liz has led events and teams for National Instruments, Dell, GasPedal, IBM, and several nonprofit associations. Liz was nominated for the 2018 Event Marketer B-to-B Dream Team and was awarded the 2019 Entrepreneur of the Year from Smart Meetings. Liz is now living the dream with her unjob as not only CEO of Haute Dokimazo but also partner and Chief Experience Officer of Haute Companies, which includes Haute Dokimazo, Haute Rock Creative, Haute Spot, Haute Rock Entertainment, and  SwagHub .

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Nicole's zeal for genuine human-to-human connection, building strong communities and brand partnerships is the heart and soul of Haute Dokimazo. If you know Nicole, you know her energy is magically magnetic and powers her ability to work a room like a connection goddess!  Her fearless pursuit of meaningful business relationships that can be a change for good is one of the reasons she was voted one of Smart Meetings Event Planners of the Year 2019. Nicole has made her once side-hustle her full-time unjob as President of Haute Dokimazo. (Ask her for one of her rhinestoned biz cards). 

Nicole's superpower: Hugging (everyone).... just virtually right now.

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Events are the original social media, so with a background in events AND social media, Tom is the epitome of an engaging event professional who is all about creating connections. He came to Haute Dokimazo to bring more event professionals along for the ride. Tom was nominated for the 2018 Event Marketer B-to-B Dream Team, and recently left his "day job" to become a partner at Haute Companies, joining as Chief Event Officer of Haute Companies, including Haute Dokimazo, Haute Spot, and Haute Rock Entertainment.


We created Haute Dokimazo because everyone has a story to tell, but too often, we don’t believe we have permission to share it. Stories are at the heart of any great business or brand.  Stories are part of what makes us human and allow us to connect and break down barriers.


So we built the Strategic Think Tank format to offer a safe environment. Here, anyone can speak more openly, take more risks and create more value for their organization by sharing their truth. 

Right now, it’s a hard time to be human. We’re social animals. And these days, being social in person is not good for our health. 


That’s why we’ve taken our HD environment remote - allowing us to be human, personal, and social, even at a distance. The format’s a bit different, but the experience and the outcome are just as life-altering.


If your workforce is struggling to collaborate remotely; if your company and teams need a new way to focus; if you wonder how to connect and sell better to panicked customers; if your business is based on in-person consumption or travel...let's talk!



Liz, Nicole + Tom

Tuscany Hug
Tuscany Hug

Tuscany Secret Family Reunion hug when it was all over:)

World's Best Hug
World's Best Hug

This was a hug by the Hauties who cam on SFR after we finished our retrospective by a surprise beat-boxing tribute from Ben, CEO of Splash.

Before the big reveal
Before the big reveal

Nicole led the group to the HUGE reveal moment of TUSCANY for SFR 2019

Tuscany Hug
Tuscany Hug

Tuscany Secret Family Reunion hug when it was all over:)




The “Hauties"  have been HDing their way across the country helping corporations and industry icons rethink their employee and client engagement. For decades, the formula has been: how many people can you cram into a ballroom (more and more success!), bore with a PowerPoint and pretend to inspire with an overpriced keynote speaker.


HD is anything but that. Instead, you'll find inspiration from other participants in small sessions, sharing problems, and solutions that will change the way you work. The facilitators share their best practices, then the participants get to share theirs, too. Questions happen throughout the session, and conversation is ongoing. It's like having a coffee break for a full hour, dedicated just to the topic you wanted to learn and share about.




Haute Dokimazo was created by event professionals, for the event community. We support each other, help each other, and devise creative solutions together. We surround ourselves with others who share these values. While we support opposing opinions on professional event management topics, we vow to ensure a collaborative, harassment-free environment.

No-sales environment and inclusive,

harassment-free environment.