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Nicole's passion for event design, branding and people drew her to the collaborative concept of Haute Dokimazo. If you know Nicole, you know her energy is contagious. She is eager to share and learn and connect people! Fulfilling her promise to bring her event design passion to the masses, Nicole has made her once side-hustle her full-time unjob as Co-Founder + President of Haute Dokimazo.



Liz loves bringing people together for a common purpose. That's probably why Liz loves events! Haute Dokimazo was founded on the principles of collaboration, ideation, and experimentation for the purpose of making us better professionals. Liz has led event teams for Dell and IBM, as well as several nonprofit associations. Liz was nominated for the 2018 Event Marketer B-to-B Dream Team and recently won Entrepreneur of the Year from Smart Meetings. Liz has left her 'day job' for an unjob and is now a partner at Haute Rock Creative as EVP of Global Events!



Events are the original social media, so with a background in events AND social media, Tom is the epitome of an engaging event professional who is all about creating connections. He came to Haute Dokimazo to bring more event professionals along for the ride. Tom was nominated for the 2018 Event Marketer B-to-B Dream Team.



Jeff is the newest member of the team, and the one who is most in need of a professional headshot! But we can't tell him that because he's the CEO. Trust us, though, he's way better looking in person. Jeff is the master of the business, the underwriter of Haute Dokimazo, and the CEO/creator of the unjobs at Haute Companies. But we refer to him as our rich Uncle.

Jeff doesn't have any headshots he likes of himself, so we chose a pic of him that most represented him in relation to the rest of the co-founders.



The “Hauties"  have been HDing their way across the country helping associations, corporations, and industry icons rethink their employee and client engagement. For decades, the formula has been: how many people can you cram into a ballroom (more and more success!), bore with a powerpoint and pretend to inspire with an overpriced keynote speaker.


HD is anything but that. Instead, you'll find inspiration from other participants in small sessions, sharing problems, and solutions that will change the way you work. The facilitators share their best practices, then the participants get to share theirs, too. Questions happen throughout the session, and conversation is ongoing. It's like having a coffee break for a full hour, dedicated just to the topic you wanted to learn and share about.




Haute Dokimazo is a conference by the event community, for the event community. We support each other, help each other, and devise creative solutions together. We surround ourselves with others who share these values. While we support opposing opinions on professional event management topics, we vow to ensure a collaborative, harassment-free environment.

No-sales environment and harassment-free environment.