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Because I Am Remote: 

A Humanifesto

We created Haute Dokimazo because everyone has a story to tell - but too often, we don’t feel like we have permission to share it. Stories are at the heart of any great business or brand. Stories are part of what makes us human and allow us to connect and break down barriers.


So we built the Strategic Think Tank format to offer a safe environment. There, anyone can speak more openly, take more risks and create more value for their organization by sharing their truth. 


Right now, it’s a hard time to be human. We’re social animals. And these days, being social in person is not good for our health. 


That’s why we’ve taken our HD environment remote - so we can be human, personal, and social even at a distance. The format’s a bit different, but the experience and the outcome are just as life-altering.


If your workforce is struggling to collaborate remotely; if your company and teams need a new way to focus; if you wonder how to connect and sell better to panicked customers; if your business is based on in-person consumption or travel...let's talk!


Liz, Nicole + Tom

Remote Sessions for Internal Teams

Haute Dokimazo Strategy Session: HD(s)

To the leader who needs to ideate, pivot their business or project, an HD(s) is the only remote experience that can help you uncover what to pivot to and how to get started because we empower your team to innovate.  

Includes full recap post report and next steps!

Remote Sessions for Customers + Prospects

Haute Dokimazo Experience for Customer Engagement: HD(x)

To the marketer who needs to continue to drive pipeline while remote, an HD(x) is the only virtual solution that can help you create community to increase sales while uncovering brand new insights that will fuel your business. Includes insight + opportunity post report!

Haute Dokimazo Experience for Existing Communities: HD(x)

To the community manager who needs to continue to engage members remotely, an HD(x) is the solution that creates the most meaningful human connections in a virtual environment. Includes full insight post report!

Haute Dokimazo Remote Prospecting Experiences: HD(x)

To the sales team who needs to continue to prospect and nurture remotely, an HD(x) is the only virtual format that celebrates your customer's success stories and helps solve your prospects' challenges with your solutions. Includes insight + opportunity post report!


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"It's never been more critical or relevant to strategically focus and stay connected as a company. That's what the HD team fosters."