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"I told all my friends you were famous but then they asked me to show them something. What do I do now?" 


(This one's for you, Mom.)


Liz + Nicole's first magazine moments 

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Secret Family Reunion 2019

See what others have to say about the world's first secret business trip! 

The Secret Sauce by Curt Wagner 

Haute Dokimao's Secret Family Reunion by Regna McGee

Haute Dokimazo: Putting the “Un” in Reunion by Thérèse Harvey

Haute Dokimazo's Secret Family Reunion by Morgan Halaska

A Secret Family Reunion Promises to Surprise and Delight by Danalynne Menegus and Partnership


Haute  (in the) News 

Podcast: What's on the Minds of EVent Pros by David Adler

Podcast: Making a Marketer by Megan

Podcast: Eventicons: Meet the Icons of the Event Industry

HAUTE DOKIMAZO: What's "Haute" in Unconference Design! by Lisa Meller

Haute Dokimazo Wants You to See Its HauteBottie by Lisa L. Smous

Get Unconventional with Haute Dokimazo by Emma Franke

Thought Nomads: Wired for Reinvention by Liese Gardner

A New Type of Conference, The "Un-Conference" by Bianchi Productions

Experiential Marketers Gather at Haute Dokimazo Conference by Seth Burstein

Create a Spontaneous Think Tank with Haute Dokimazo by Danalynee Wheeler Menegus 

How to Crowdsource a Conference Program in Real-Time by Adrian Segar 

Haute Dokimazo by Katie Johnson

Reinventing the Corporate Meeting + Event Experience

Top Ten Ways to Make your Virtual Event Not Suck by MEETINGSNET

You Had Me at Brunch by SITE SoCal

The Life of a Hautie

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