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Secret Family Reunion 2019

See what others have to say about this global first-ever event! 

The Secret Sauce by Curt Wagner 

Haute Dokimao's Secret Family Reunion by Regna McGee

Haute Dokimazo: Putting the “Un” in Reunion by Thérèse Harvey

Haute Dokimazo's Secret Family Reunion by Morgan Halaska

A Secret Family Reunion Promises to Surprise and Delight by Danalynne Menegus and Partnership

Haute  (in the) News 

Podcast: What's on the Minds of EVent Pros by David Adler

Podcast: Making a Marketer by Megan

Podcast: Eventicons: Meet the Icons of the Event Industry

HAUTE DOKIMAZO: What's "Haute" in Unconference Design! by Lisa Meller

Haute Dokimazo Wants You to See Its HauteBottie by Lisa L. Smous

Get Unconventional with Haute Dokimazo by Emma Franke

Thought Nomads: Wired for Reinvention by Liese Gardner

A New Type of Conference, The "Un-Conference" by Bianchi Productions

Experiential Marketers Gather at Haute Dokimazo Conference by Seth Burstein

Create a Spontaneous Think Tank with Haute Dokimazo by Danalynee Wheeler Menegus 

How to Crowdsource a Conference Program in Real-Time by Adrian Segar 

Haute Dokimazo by Katie Johnson

Reinventing the Corporate Meeting + Event Experience

Top Ten Ways to Make your Virtual Event Not Suck by MEETINGSNET

You Had Me at Brunch by SITE SoCal


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