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What is it?

The Council on Connectivity is a curated collective of 400 growth-minded marketing and sales executives who seek to break through the silence of boring experiences and create real connections with customers through shared experiences that evoke an emotional response. 

The program runs from January-December 2021 and the experience will result in the creation of a new business metric: Return on Emotion. 

Who's in it?

Only 200 marketing executives and their sales executive counterpart from Fortune 1000 companies can participate in this year-long 2021 program.

B2B and B2C executives are welcome.


Participants must commit to joining a quarterly virtual summit for 3.5 hours, sharing one piece of original content in 2021, and joining 1 advisory activity in 2021. 

When do you meet?

Quarterly virtual summits will take place in 2021 on the following dates: February 23, April 27, July 27, September 28th.

Advisory activities will take place monthly on various dates.

Council members may elect to participate in the pinnacle 5-day program the first week of November (40 seats) or the 7-day program the first week of December 2021 (40 seats).

Director of Marketing

The most valuable and powerful event we've ever had virtually 

or in-person. Real conversation. Magical.

VP of Events

Our virtual trip to Finland was insane. I feel like I was actually there and met Santa - bravo, HD team!


The insights we gained from our customers could not have been uncovered any other way. Thank you, HD!

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