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Haute Dokimazo began as an event for event industry professionals, but has grown into a new way of meeting, sharing, and learning. Imagine your customers creating content to solve your prospects' problems. Imagine your internal team identifying their annual priorities or coming up with your next big product offering collaboratively.

Imagine creating a completely new peer-to-peer experience in your industry. We've done all of these things for our clients. We can help you, too.





At a normal HD event, sessions are an hour long with time in between for networking and continuing conversations. At an HD sampler like this, participants will experience a shortened 30 minute session to make connections and begin conversations.

To close out the event, an HD event ends with a group retrospective. This involves two microphones on a stage: one for the “Plus’s” and one for the “Delta’s.”

First, participants are invited to come up on stage to the Plus microphone and publicly tell everyone everything they LOVED about the experience. Then, participants are invited to the Delta mic to tell everyone how we can improve next time. Open and transparent is the only way to make things better next time, and we adore real-time feedback!



What makes an event “HD” is the vibe. The feeling. The culture. The collaboration. The openness. The energy. And it all starts at the registration desk. We greet attendees like they are walking into a restaurant. We give them their materials and seat them at a table for a meal with others, introducing them while they are being seated. This facilitates immediate networking and a feeling of welcoming warmth. Crowdsourcing content is much easier when your attendees feel open and willing to share! ​

Then we crowdsource! Attendees share problems they’ve solved and challenges they’re currently working on via sticky note in an interactive, energetic crowd-sourcing session. The result is a wall full of sticky notes with topic ideas!​

While the attendees are off doing something else (an activity, a presentation, eating lunch, etc), we’ll create the schedule of sessions. We need a minimum of 45 minutes to build the agenda and notify & train the facilitators. ​



"I had no idea what to expect from HD, and the experience blew me away. Other industry events feel stale and a bit sterile; it can be hard to meet knew people and have quality conversations. This was an incredibly refreshing experience where everyone felt like they were personally invested in making it a great conversation and truly getting to know one another."