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When we learn, we grow. Haute U is the place where we gather smart people to share smart things that may help you on your professional journey. 

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Virtual Engagement (On-Demand)

Need to add some fun and engagement into your team meeting or virtual event? Check out these interactive engagement ideas and demonstrations and STEAL THESE IDEAS! You can use them in your events for free! They are easy to set up, explain and host, and provide lots of laughter and levity to engage your participants. 


When you register for this class, you'll also get our downloadable 50 Engagement Ideas tip sheet.



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Modern Marketing for Event Professionals (On-Demand)

It's not about becoming a virtual event manager, it's about becoming a digital marketing professional. After all, virtual events are just digital campaigns with some event management sprinkled in. You're already a great event manager, let us help you become a great digital marketing professional! This 6-series course will get you caught up with your digital marketing peers and make sure you're set up for success.

Taught by Liz Lathan



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Running Roundtables in Zoom (On-Demand)

Add conversation and collaboration into your event portfolio by running roundtable sessions in Zoom. This class will teach you the 4 types of roundtables, how to technically administer the breakout rooms, and how to properly train your facilitators. Bonus materials include the roundtable planning timeline and Event Intro swipe files that you can use! Bonus: it comes with a free "sandbox" class to give you the controls to create and manage breakout rooms!




Intro to Marketing for Events (Sampler!)

Did you know that you don't have to become an expert in virtual events? You just need to become a digital marketer...and you can do this in a few days, promise!


In this sampler class for the Modern Marketing for Event Professionals 6-module course, you'll get an overview of Modern Marketing for Events. It's full of concepts you can use RIGHT NOW to help you plan your virtual event strategy and your event portfolio for 2021.




Zoom Training Video

(to use for training and events using Zoom)

By the end of this quick training, you'll be able to confidently use the basics of zoom and/or share this video with your attendees at the beginning of your zoom events.



"I thought I was already pretty savvy at using Zoom but I learned 3 new things I didn't know before and I'm loving it!"

-Haute U Alumni