HAUTE BOXES will be sent to your attendees before your scheduled event date and will include a welcome letter, explanation of box contents and any surprises you want to add. HAUTE BOXES are brandable.



    • Journal book & pen for note-taking

    • HD-branded sticky notes & mini Sharpie markers for crowdsourcing

    • Exercise resistance band for use during guided stretch break


Useful gifts

    • Hydration Bottle

    • Compression socks 


Surprise & delight

    • A fidget spinner for thinking and a high five (sticky hand) for fun

    • A Hug (Hershey's Hugs)


The Story of the Uniquarn

Once upon a time in an Enchanted Fairy Land called Quarnucopia far, far away, there lived blessing of Uniquarns. These mystical beasts were the purest, playful, and most kind animals in the multiverse.


On a very misty-morning gallop, the Uniquarns stopped at their favorite watering pond to get a drink of water when, all of a sudden, they were pulled through a portal into the Land of Quarantine!!

Quarantine is a land of stark, sanitized surfaces - and very little magic. The humans of this world had been asked to stay indoors for an unknown period of time. It looked a lot like a house, with people living and working inside. The residents of the house were surprised to find they had their very own Uniquarn!


The house inhabitants (that’s you!) are now charged with a task… in order to send the Uniquarn back to Quarnucopia they need to make a Rainbow Portal! 

Get your Uniquarn for $19 + $7.95 S&H

Or add it to your Haute Box pre-event swag experience for $15!



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