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Don't let the Screen

Limit Your Imagination

Amuse Bouche Adventures 

Get a taste of something awesome for  $15,000-$75,000

Want to give your customers or employees a virtual experience they'll never forget?


The Haute Dokimazo team is on the bleeding edge of virtual experiences, crafting custom never-before-seen-on-Zoom adventures that will have your participants leaning in to their screen!


Your participants won't multitask for a second during this 1-hour extravaganza!


From live surfing lessons on the beaches of Hawaii to playing with elephants in Thailand to the world's first ever LIVE shark dive on Zoom to real-time conversations with SCUBA divers underwater to learning how to sail a super yacht off the coast of Cannes to kissing the Blarney Stone LIVE on Zoom, we have created the most talked-about experiences for our clients and have plenty more ideas where those came from.


Contact us and share your content tenets and objectives, and we'll craft an experience that aligns with your messaging and blows your customers' minds.

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