Connections Matter

Strong connections come from shared experiences, but our day-to-day has become a repetitive deluge of content consumption and responding to the tyranny of the urgent.


Your marketing and sales teams are struggling to make and keep customer and prospect connections.


If 95% of decisions are driven by emotion, why are we settling for boring content delivery that is devoid of heart of soul?


Welcome to the Council on Connectivity. We are a gathering of marketing and sales executives that understand the value of a long-term profitable relationship. We are deeper than the lead. We are deeper than automation. We are human-centric, growth drivers who are innovation catalysts within our organizations. Was that enough buzz words for you?


Try this: Hugs > Handshakes. 

Haute Dokimazo, the world-leader in creating conversation-based shared experiences that drive genuine connection is embarking on a year-long research study to identify the core emotions that drive connection in a shared experience for business relationships. 

Your participation in this council will help define a new business metric for 2021 and beyond that informs ROI more clearly and goes deeper than NPS ever could: ROE. Return on Emotion. 

As a council member, you are agreeing to participate in a 3.5-hour quarterly summit, contribute one original piece of content, and join 1 one-hour advisory session. You will have the opportunity to elect to participate in the pinnacle event: Haute Dokimazo Secret Family Reunion, a 5-day or 7-day Human Intensive program to celebrate and culminate the program and the research. 

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