February 2021 - February 2022

Thanks for applying to join the Convo!

Virtual Roundtables

Holy moly, we're so excited that you have applied to be part of Convo!


This is like nothing you've ever been a part of before, if we do say so ourselves. 400 heads of marketing and sales from commercial organizations and large enterprises, seeking to bridge the gap between their sales and marketing teams.


This program is also a year-long research study seeking to measure the impact of shared experiences on pipeline generation and deal acceleration in a business setting. 


Reasons that you might not be a fit for the program:

  • You love boring things. Sorry, this isn't the program for you!

  • You don't like to have your camera on and participate on Zoom meetings. This experience does rely on face-to-face interaction, so please know that we will ask you to have your camera on where possible to participate in conversation at our summits. 

  • You are not the leader of your marketing or sales organization. This program is for the leadership team - change starts at the top, and we are starting there. If successful, there may be future programs for cascade-level decision-makers!

  • You are not able to commit to the quarterly summits. The benefit to you as a participant and the benefit to us with the research study depends on you taking part in all 4 quarterly summits. If you can't commit, please let us know we can pass the spot on to someone else. 


We sure hope you're a fit because we're really thrilled that you're here and we can't wait to meet you!


Liz & Nicole