February 2021 - February 2022


A quarterly program filling the void between marketing + sales with shared conversation-based experiences that create deep + trusting relationships.

Virtual Roundtables

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What we know

Shared experiences that evoke an emotional response, and are anchored in conversation create genuine connections that drive deep and trusting relationships.


How our stuff works

Our events create a shared experience and conversation that produce a sense of love, bonding, and well-being, releasing Oxytocin.


Our once-in-a-lifetime experiences create excitement, anticipation, and thrill releasing Dopamine.


Our experiences create a sense of adventure, trying new things, building confidence and self-worth, releasing Serotonin.


Why our stuff works

We literally create happiness and belonging.


We've crafted a year-long program that creates shared experiences, evokes emotional reactions, where you'll create deep and trusting relationships throughout 2021.



The community for marketing & sales execs. Participants in Convo will have shared experiences paired with raw conversations about business challenges that are relevant today... creating genuine connections that go beyond the screen.


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Who's in the program

Marketing & Sales Executives who fit into one of the following archetypes:

  • The growth driver

  • The innovation catalyst

  • The capability builder

  • The customer champion

What is it?

Convo is a curated collective of growth-minded marketing and sales executives who seek to break through the silence of boring experiences and create real connections through shared experiences. 

The program runs from February 2021 through February 2022 and includes quarterly summits with physical experience kits, peer-led conversations, and community-generated content.

Who's in it?

In this invitation-only program and research study, marketing executives and their sales executive counterparts from Fortune 1000 and similar companies can participate in this year-long program.


Participants are VP, C-level, or the leader of their marketing or sales organization. 


B2B and B2C executives are welcome.


When do you meet?

Quarterly Virtual Summits

10am-1pm Central:

February 23: Data & Analytics

April 27: ABM

July 27: The Sales+Marketing Connection

September 28: Human-Centric Marketing

February 22, 2022: Return on Emotion

Advisory activities will take place monthly on various dates. Shared content is distributed weekly.

There is no cost to participate in the program. Participants must commit to joining a quarterly 3-hour virtual, sharing one piece of original content in 2021, and joining 1 advisory activity in 2021. 

If you opt to join an in-person Capstone Event, there is a program fee, or you can be hosted by a Convo partner.

What do I get?

You get the opportunity to participate in quarterly summits consisting of a mind-blowing virtual adventure and peer-led conversation. With each summit, you'll receive a physical experience kit shipped to you, weekly community-generated content, and the opportunity to participate in an in-person Capstone Event. Download the Convo details.

How do I apply?

Applications are being accepted now! Complete the form below. Once approved, you will be asked to complete a profile to get signed up for the program.

What's the cost?

Connections Matter

Strong connections come from shared experiences, but our day-to-day has become a repetitive deluge of content consumption and responding to the tyranny of the urgent.


Your marketing and sales teams are struggling to make and keep customer and prospect connections.


If 95% of decisions are driven by emotion, why are we settling for boring content delivery that is devoid of heart of soul?


Welcome to the Convo. We are marketing and sales executives who understand the value of a long-term profitable relationship. We are deeper than the lead. We are more personal than automation. We are human-centric, growth drivers who are innovation catalysts within our organizations. We are more than corporate buzzwords.


Try this: Hugs > Handshakes. 

Haute Dokimazo, the world-leader in creating conversation-based shared experiences that drive genuine connection is embarking on a year-long research study to identify the core emotions that drive connection through a shared experience for business relationships. 

Your participation in this program will help define a new business metric that informs ROI more clearly for experiential elements and goes deeper than NPS ever could: ROE. Return on Emotion. 

As a Convo member, you agree to participate in a 3-hour quarterly summit and compete the accompanying survey, contribute one original piece of content to the member publication, and join 1 one-hour advisory session. At the end of 2021, you will have the opportunity to participate in an in-person 5-day or 7-day international Capstone Event.

Upcoming Convo Dates:

July 27, 2021

10am-1pm Central

Conversation Topic: The Sales+ Marketing Connection

Adventure: A healthy ecosystem

September 28, 2021

10am-1pm Central

Conversation Topic: Human-Centric Marketing

Adventure: Exploration for humanity