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Haute Dokimazo for your

Customers, Prospects, or Employees

The Haute Dokimazo Innovator's Compass

Leveraging the free Innovator's Compass template created by design thinking firm IDEO, we help your team or your attendees through a one-hour "get unstuck" session. This facilitated experience uses online collaboration tools to walk participants through a process that will help them move forward.


Bring this to your team for prioritization planning. Bring it to your event for participants to have an engaging session. Or bring it to your customers to learn what problems they're trying to solve and how you can help them. All in just an hour!


We also offer a 3-hour version that takes the results from the Innovator's Compass and moves them into the next phase of prioritization and action planning.

The Haute Dokimazo Strategy Session

This could be 3 hours or it could be spread over two days, but we use our proprietary strategic process to guide your team through an experience that forms bonds, creates stronger relationships, identifies priorities, and creates action plans. We work with you to understand the outcomes you are trying to achieve and build the framework and activities to accomplish your objectives.


Previous strategy sessions have helped teams pivot their projects from in-person to virtual, unite a remote team to rally around a disparate set of priorities, and help campaign teams consolidate their projects down to their top 5 priorities and create outcomes-based action plans for them.

Turn-Key, 3-hour Haute Dokimazo Experience

This 3-hour online Haute Dokimazo experience can be used as a stand-alone event or incorporated into your existing virtual event.


We follow our standard HD Think Tank ways of crowdsourcing from the participants, curating the topics, and then selecting the facilitators during the event. You bring the people, we do the rest!


These are great for companies who want to add conversation into their event portfolio to break out of the webinar-only content. They are awesome for companies that want to bring prospects and customers together, asking customers what problems they've solved and can help with and asking prospects what problems they are trying to solve (then you customers lead the sessions for your prospects!). They are fabulous for existing online communities that normally have meet-ups and now have to go virtual. They are amazing as a replacement for field events that you can no longer hold.


It's your low-cost, turn-key, peer-to-peer solution.

Want to us these HDs to replace your existing field event program? Ask us about bundled pricing for a package of 5 or more!

The Turn-key Haute Dokimazo Customer or Channel Partner Advisory Council for 40 participants + Swag Boxes

If you need customer insights, feedback on company, strategy, program, or product direction, and want to build a deeper relationship with your retention and development customers, it might be time to add an advisory board to your portfolio of activities. The Haute Dokimazo team can help you with an agenda, how and where to add in roadmap discussions, train your presenters, and facilitate your feedback sessions to get you the insights you need to move your project forward. This package includes 40 Haute Box pre-event swag shipments for participants to use throughout the advisory council experience. 

The Custom Haute Dokimazo Experience

We love working with companies that have existing conferences that need to turn virtual! We can work with you to create a virtual conference that injects Haute Dokimazo into your multi-day conference experience.


We can be the host and emcee of the experience, moving your participants into breakout rooms and hosting engagement breaks, as well as injecting crowdsourcing and spontaneous think tanks into your agenda.


If you need to take your 100 to 500-person conference and put it online and don't want to pay $100k for a virtual platform, this might be the solution for you!


“I didn’t expect a 3-hour long event to be so impactful. I was energized, I laughed, I connected, I learned, I shared. This was exactly what my soul and my business needed right now. Thank you!”

"This event uncovered so many insights from our customers that we had no idea they were thinking. There is no other way that we could have found out exactly what they are struggling with right now."

"Having HD run our trategy session let us combine team-building with planning in a way that we never thought would be possible while we're all remote. This was a spectacular and useful experience for our team."

"We held one Innovator's Compass as an entry-level way to get our executives used to the idea of crowdsourcing and now they want our other teams to have them, too!"

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