If you don't know uswe're huggers and not being able to do that has us pacing our floors here in Texas. For real, what do we do with our arms if we can't hug y'all? 


If you know us, you know our love for you, our Hauties, is limitless. We're family. We take care of each other (especially now). Over the past few weeks, we've received numerous requests from those looking for potential income opportunities for themselves or someone they know. We're here to help! 

So, welcome to our Affiliate program! 

If you or someone you know is looking for extra income and wants to know more about becoming an affiliate of Haute Dokimazo temporarily or forever, e-mail Nicole.

All inquiries will be kept confidential.


This should be the easiest job in the world: you sell these HD offerings and we give you a 15% cut. 

Two ways to make money:

1. You deliver us a qualified  "Haute" lead and we close them. 

2. You close them for us.



Human connection, our specialty, has never been in higher demand than right now. Haute Dokimazo was built for a time like this. Our goal as a business is always to be the best go-to resource for human connection and strategic business growth - especially when remote. 

Results are not promised or guaranteed. Typically, these remote sessions happen within 2 weeks of closing - faster money for you, yay!