We spark profitable relationships anchored in genuine connection through rousing shared experiences and conversations.

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Virtual Roundtables

So you've been told that you can't create connections right now. You've been lied to.


This is the perfect time. It's easier than ever before. There isn't too much noise. There is silence and opportunity.


There are no closed doors. When has it EVER been this easy to be invited into someone's home? We see kids, dogs, bedrooms through the screen. You're being told that the virtual world is flat. But now, business is personal. Emotions drive business decisions. And now it's amplified.

You have not figured out the magic formula to help people genuinely connect. We have.


Shared experiences that evoke an emotional response and are anchored in conversation create genuine connections that drive profitable relationships. And we're going to prove it.


Join us for a journey you never thought you'd have.


Join us to become part of a community you didn't know you needed.


Choose your adventure.

#HugLife for Event Professionals

The Hautie community for professionals who create events and experiences.


Sales & Marketing Executives

Conversations that connect: 

A 4-quarter business relationship-building program for sales & marketing leaders at growth-driven organizations.

Director of Marketing

The most valuable and powerful event we've ever had virtually 

or in-person. Real conversation. Magical.

VP of Events

It was the walls-down approach that resonated with me the most. Human connection without the job titles or sales pitches.


The insights we gained from our customers could not have been uncovered any other way. Our participants stayed together well past the end of the event to keep talking.

We've made genuine connections for companies including...


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