A Way of Meeting, Sharing

and Learning

If you're reading this, you have come to this page because you need to engage your audience virtually or in person.

You've probably already:

  1. Run webinars for your customers

  2. Participated in a few virtual events looking for ideas (and you got "some"...)

  3. Tried to have team planning meetings and regular virtual happy hours

  4. Explored doing a wine or bourbon tasting event for your customers


But everything feels empty

What if there was a better way to bring participants together to meet, learn, and share? To build community? To uncover the business challenges they are trying to solve? To engage, energize, and reignite your team?

Hi, we're Haute Dokimazo and we facilitate high-energy roundtable-like sessions, community think tanks, and internal strategy or planning sessions. Our award-winning methodology fosters the connections and conversations that drive participants to take action. 

Currently offered virtually, but we hope to resume in-person again soon!

As seen in


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To the leader who needs to ideate, evaluate their business or project, an HD strategy session is the only remote experience that can help you uncover what to adjust and how to get started because we empower your group to innovate.  

Includes full recap post report and next steps!

Perfect for 8-25 people

To the marketer who needs to continue to drive pipeline while remote, HD is the only remote solution that can help you build community to increase sales while uncovering brand new insights that will fuel your business. 

Includes insight + opportunity post report!

Perfect for 15-150 people

To the innovation and product development team who needs to analyze insights, brig a team together to innovate and for the cutting edge brand who is focused on incorporating dialogue between customers and internal teams, an HD will make the development process fun and effective.


Includes full insight post report!

Perfect for 15-150 people

To the sales team who needs to continue to prospect and nurture remotely, HD is the only virtual experience that celebrates your customer's success stories and helps solve your prospects' challenges with your solutions.

Includes insight + opportunity post report!

Perfect for 15-150 people










  • Real-time insights in market sentiment

  • Identified areas of focus for known problems within your organization

  • Adapted action plans for shifted trajectories 

  • More confident teams with refreshed trust in leadership

  • Renewed team morale and a deeper understanding of each other

  • Increased sales output and more productive sales approaches

  • More openness to feedback from leadership

  • Better content for external audiences

  • Prioritized project planning

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