This cool thing we did...

The Special Event 2017

"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow." 

 - Audrey Hepburn

We've planted a seed

We are event & experiential marketers seeking the right outlet to try new things, share ideas, & experiment with new ways of connecting with our audience. 

The Special Event 2017 is where we let the secret out about Haute Dokimazo. This design was all about working with our friends to build something amazing. 

Thanks to Pink Pineapple, House of Charley, rq Planning, Ken Day Enterprises, Scent Events, Cheri's Vintage Table, Wildflower Linens, Event Floral, Maggie Lochtenberg, & Enticing Tables.

Haute Dokimazo

Haute Dokimazo is about you. Clear your mind and let your ideas grow. Try something your clients don't believe can be done at an event. Share ideas that you have that would revolutionize commodity experiences like the doldrums of registration. Join us at Haute Dokimazo. May 2017, Austin, Texas.