Support the event

Cold, hard cash

There is no Platinum, Gold, or Silver. Just companies that want to make this a success. If you are one of those companies, contact us. We are seeking 3-5 supporters at $3,000-5,000 each. If you'd rather pay directly for some of our costs, we're down with that. We need to cover breakfast, lunch, the venue, and the reception. Let us know what you'd like to help with!

Bring the toys

No cost. Just let us know what cool tech, cool concept, or newfangled thingamajig you want to try out, get feedback on, or show off. Now's the time to test it out, and it's okay to fail! This group doesn't care if it works or not, we just want to see what people are bringing to the future of the event industry.

Lead a workshop

We have four workshops to kick off the day, and we're looking for subject matter experts to facilitate them. This isn't a one-way presentation, though. We need folks who can tee up the topic and bring the conversation to life. These will be highly interactive workshops where everyone gets to contribute. We'll even help get you trained up in the art of participatory facilitation. 

Try out an activation

If you've got an upcoming activation that you just want to test for a small group before you go big time, let us know. Use this event as a focus group! Get feedback, and see if your concept will work before you pitch it to a client or take it live.

Bring a friend or client

Sometimes brands and associations can't fit it into their budget to go to industry events. While we're working hard to keep the costs down, you can help us out by sponsoring an event marketer or two at this event.

Tell the world

Help us spread the word about this event! We've added in a few social tiles below, and we'd love it if you'd help spread the word on your own social sites.

Our sincere thanks

Making it Haute

Thank you to Pink Pineapple Event Design for believing in us and helping us bring this event to life. More thanks to Dimension Design, Worldstage, Night Cap, and Bananarchy.

Sharing the Dokimazo

Amazing collaborators like High Attendance Inc. AmpSlide, Flow Immersive, Double A Events, BrandElixir, and Trade Show Internet are bringing their toys for you to play with. Got event toys of your own to share?


For agreeing to freely share their knowledge, we sincerely appreciate our workshop facilitators, and our unconference facilitator Adrian Segar.